PRI Trunking

Are you satisfied with your existing phone system/PBX? Do you currently have PRI's installed for your voice traffic? If so, Critical Hub's PRI Trunking is the ideal solution for your business

PRI Trunking will give you the ability to reduce your communications expenses, while maintaining your current telephony services. PRI Trunking is completely transparent to the end user - every extension, every phone will continue to work as they do now.

Critical Hub's PRI Trunking servcies deliver local, toll-free, domestic & international long distance services with per minute rates much lower than that of traditional services.

What is PRI Trunking?
PRI Trunking is a replacement for PSTN Primary Rate Interface voice service offered by traditional telephone companies (Telco's).

PRI Trunking using the industry standard Session Initiation Protocol-ISIP" and our telco-grade equipment create a true PRI connection over Critical Hub's business grade VOIP network. What is delivered in your offices, however, is a PRI port - exactly as the phone company delivers.

Legacy PBX Ready
Critical Hub's PRI Trunks can be terminated directly to any PBX voice equipment with a PRI interface. No additional Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) is required!

Completely Transparent.
There's no need to fear VOIP technologies now! With PRI Trunking, you have access to the cost saving benefits of VOIP, while maintaining your current telephone phone system. Your employees and staff will never know the difference - there is no training required, no additional equipment to purchase.

Cost Savings. Cost Savings. Cost Savings.
Still paying the same fees for your calls as you were five or even ten years ago? With PRI Trunking, you'll save money ­both in your recurring monthly PRI lines charges, as well as in your per minute rates - all calls to Puerto Rico, the USA and Canada are only 2.5¢ per minute!


Standard Features

PRI Trunking Add-on's:

Add-on UM (HTUM)
Activate Unified Messenging features on any PRI Trunk to activate Critical Hub-provided messaging features including Voicemail, Auto Attendant and Hold Queuing.

Add a local Puerto Rico DID to any Enhanced Telephony Account.

Add-on World Virtual Number (WVN)
Add a phone number from outside of Puerto Rico. Numbers are available from all fifty U.S. States, as well as worldwide. Pricing varies, depending on the location selected, and may include per minute fees for received calls.

Toll Free Number (TFN)
Accept toll free calls. Inbound calls are billed only 7¢ per minute for the first 1000 minutes per month, and 5¢ per minute for all minutes after that.

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