Healthcare Solutions
Dear healthcare provider: are you ready? With the move to digital records and prescriptions, a robust telecommunications infrastructure is necessary now more than ever.

Broadband access, equipment, and support are important to healthcare. Our aim is to help you acquire what you need, and for that we have a variety of packages for you. Customizable and cost-effective, Critical Hub Networks' options will help you set up the technology you need to continue providing excellent service.

Telecommunications and healthcare work together. Whether its research or attending patients, a proper technological setup is essential for any healthcare provider. With broadband, peering, and colocation options, Critical Hub Networks is ready to help with all your telecommunications needs in Voice, Internet, or Hosting, with state of the art technology. Critical Hub Networks services are tailored to the specific needs of your industry.

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If your healthcare facility is considered a Community Anchor Institution you are eligible to a 25 % discount in your broadband service. This is possible thanks to our peering with the federally funded Puerto Rico Bridge Initiative project. An intended neutral peering point between all Internet Service Providers, the PRBI helps us give you more quality for your investment in these budget-wary times.

Please don't hesitate to contact us. Our prepared personnel will gladly visit you and give you a free quote.