Government Solutions

With important tasks at hand, you need a telecommunications set-up that can handle the workload, yet is reliable and secure enough for both employee and citizen access. A provider of quality telecommunications products and services, Critical Hub Networks is set to help you with high quality solutions. We have all the elements you need to provide secure, reliable, and fast services to both citizens and employees. Voice, data, and colocation options are available in a variety of packages, each fully customizable.

Critical Hub Networks understands our precarious economic times. That is why, thanks to our peering with the Puerto Rico Bridge Initiative, you will receive a 25% discount in your broadband service option. Additionally, we will work as partners with agencies and municipalities that have received Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds to help alleviate our Islands economy and provide fast affordable internet for all.

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To meet the country's needs, government offices have to be on par with today's technology. Critical Hub Networks has a variety of packages readily available for customizing to each government sector's needs. Contact us and our highly trained professionals will gladly give you a complimentary orientation.