Critical Hub Networks is now accept E-rate

E-Rate is a federal program of the Federal Communications Commission, administered by the Schools and Libraries Division (SLD) of the Universal Service Administrative Company. E-Rate provides eligible K-12 public schools and libraries 20% to 90% discounts on approved telecommunications, Internet access, and internal connections costs.

Starting on February 2014, Critical Hub Networks, will be offering Internet2 access, which qualifies for E-Rate and additional discounts from America's Path Project (AMPATH) and Global Crossing Project.

Internet2 is a national computer network for research & education, aimed at developing & deploying advanced computer technologies. Founded in 1996 by a consortium of 34 universities, Internet2 has expanded to incorporate hundreds of universities, research institutions, government agencies, K12 schools and libraries.

Internet2 serves as a complimentary network to the Internet. Content and services accessed via Internet2 have notable improvements in richness, quality, performance & speed. Additionally, Internet2 provides for advanced services that permit better performance of many types of advanced applications. In a classroom setting, Internet2 will engage learners and facilitate:

• Real-time collaboration
• Immediate access to expertise or audiences
• High-quality, real-time audio and video interaction
• Virtual Laboratories
• Tele-Immersion
• Digital Libraries
• Remote Visualization and Equipment Access
• One-on-One Learning

Critical Hub Networks, in collaboration with the Puerto Rico Bridge Initiative, AMPATH and Florida International University, has established an Internet2 hub in Puerto Rico and can now provide access to Internet2 for K12 schools and libraries.

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