Dark Fiber

Are you a big-bandwidth user? Do you have point-to-point WAN connections that are permanent in nature?

Critical Hub's Dark Fiber solutions provide you with the ultimate control over designing, building or expanding your private network. Only dark fiber offers this level of control over security, latency management, service configuration, and scalability.

Critical Hub's Dark Fiber solutions are an excellent option for big-bandwidth consumers, telecommunications & broadband providers, large corporations, academic institutions & government entities looking to make a long-term investment in fiber infrastructure.
Extreme Private Network Control.

A Critical Hub Dark Fiber solution delivers the same benefits of building & managing your own fiber option network.

Control of Network Capacity

Control of Network Latency

Control of Network Routes

Control of Network Costs

Unmatched Security & Adaptability.
If you require a secure networking solution that is both scalable today and future-proof tomorrow, Dark Fiber is the ideal solution. Dark Fiber's physical layer access provides physical-layer security and privacy without sacrificing flexibility. Investment in a dark fiber solution will allow you to upgrade bandwidth, protocols, equipment and technology as your network and needs evolves.

Control your infrastructure costs.
Dark Fiber solutions offer your enterprise a fixed cost for the infrastructure, regardless of bandwidth usage, growth or future enhancements. Multiple financing options are available, including leasing and IRUs. Speak with your financial and tax professionals about your preference to capitalize or expense your Dark Fiber solution.

Dark Fiber Applications:

Private Wide Area Network

Carrier Grade Laterals for Broadband
& Telecom Operators

Highly Secure Voice & Data Communications

Building/ Campus Networks

Research & Educational Applications

High Bandwidth Applications

Data Archiving /Warehouse

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity



Pdf Documents > Dark Fiber Specification Sheet (1.6 Mb)


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