About Us

Internet Services since 1994
Critical Hub Networks, Inc is the owner & operator of the Caribe.Net network, Puerto Rico's first Internet Service Provider (ISP) network. Since its creation in 1994, Critical Hub has recognized the importance of universal Internet access and has dedicated time, resources and money into ensuring the expansion and growth of the Internet in Puerto Rico, including the support, training & facilitation of the development of other ISPs.

Critical Hub believes competition is good, and has gone out of its way to support its own competitors. Critical Hub's leadership in the industry makes it ideal to champion this historic, unifying effort between ISPs, education and health service providers, community anchors, unserved & underserved communities, and Puerto Rico's nearly 4 million residents.

Critical Hub's operations have been managed by a single team throughout its history, with over 150 years of combined experience in Internet and telecommunications.

Critical Hub's customers include banks, universities, schools, state & municipal government agencies, health care providers, insurance companies, and businesses of all sizes.


Our Advantage

As the first ISP in the island, Critical Hub has set the standards for Internet connectivity in Puerto Rico. Fast access at affordable rates with excellent technical support and customer service are now considered "the norm", as we have offered our clients these services from day one.

The Critical Hub Data Center is Critical Hub's state-of-the-art carrier-neutral hosting facility located in Santurce, Puerto Rico. This hosting facility provides the ultimate environment for mission critical data:

Critical Hub is staffed by a team of technicians and professionals dedicated to ensuring a 99.5% uptime rate of all of our data center customers. And, the data center is connected to the Internet via diversely routed fiber sources in order to ensure maximum network accessibility.

Critical Hub's network superiority is a key advantage to our service. Unlike telephone companies who provide Internet access on a network designed for voice and point-to-point data, the Critical Hub network is optimized to carry Internet traffic, using a combination of switches and a hierarchical architecture to provide our customers with the most efficient and reliable means to move their information. Our network typically performs at less than 50 milliseconds latency with 99.9% packet delivery.

Critical Hub is focused solely on providing Internet connectivity services. Our team is committed to ensuring that our clients receive the best Internet service available - and we are constantly striving to improve ourselves. Critical Hub offers free telephone technical support to our clients through our fully bilingual (Spanish/English) support staff. We understand the problems that are specific to the people of Puerto Rico, and we take great strides to ensure that our customers are satisfied. Critical Hub's team of network engineers, sales representatives and support personnel are among the most knowledgeable in Internet and Internetworking technology in the Caribbean.

Critical Hub offers Internet access services not just to residential & business customers, but to other ISPs as well. Through our Virtual ISP program, other ISPs and corporations are able to utilize our network to provide island wide Internet services, branded with their own name & identity. Such VISP services are fully manageable by the client ISP or corporation, giving full power to add/delete/modify/suspend users at any time.

In 2010, Critical Hub was awarded a $25.6 Million dollar grant from the US Department of Commerce's National Telecommunication and Information Administration. Charged with promoting and stimulating broadband expansion in Puerto Rico, Critical Hub's network and its Data Center are core infrastructure our island's communication systems.

The Future
As the Internet grows & changes, so does Critical Hub. Voice over IP, Triple Play, IPTV, Cloud Computing and Disaster Recovery are just a few of the many new services which we believe will change the way we communicate. More and more, Internet is penetrating into all aspects of our live, and Critical Hub is ready to meet the challenges which lie ahead.


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